Cosmic Coffee & Beer Garden, Outdoor Spacious Lounging for days......

Written & Published 7.7.2020, By George Vance McGee Licensed Realtor with Austin Silent Market 512.657.9281 

 Cosmic Cafe & Beer Garden 121 Pickle Rd. Austin, Tx 78704.   |    (512) 481-0694

Have you become cumbersome and too familiar with  your interior home office and residential settings? 

Well, I George Vance McGee, would like to recommend COSMIC COFFEE & BEER GARDEN in South Austin, "78704", just south of Oltorf, West of South Congress and North  of 290. It's the "Pickle Street" Turn and Cul De Sac. 

As of this writing and yesterday's lounge afternoon ice coffee experience, the interior is not allowing seating, yet this commercial establishment brings the spacious outdoor ambiance, Austin weird, eclectic & general South Austin Cool Vibes. In addition to excellent coffee beverages, they also serve beer. In addition there are a few Food trucks if you are hungry. 

The fenced property is relatively flat, and  well landscaped. There are even some smooth sounding water flowing features on site. They have Wi-Fi outdoors, so bring your laptop, get some fresh air, and get some work or writing done.