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Per Austonia = Where Elon Musk crashes while in the ATX; His Pay Pal friend's residential $12 million Lake Austin home -

REAL ESTATE Elon Musk denies Wall Street Journal report that he lives on Lake Austin below Mt. Bonnell Austonia 22 December Elon Musk's Austin residence is his billionaire friend's lakefront home, according to the Wall Street Journal. (Austonia) Elon Musk’s Austin residence is a waterfront estate of a billionaire friend that was once the most expensive in the city, at least according to a  Wall Street Journal report  published Wednesday. News of the home, near Mount Bonnell, arrives after some time of Musk saying he lives in a  "tiny home"  in Boca Chica, Texas. The richest man in the world has since denied those claims in an email to  Business Insider , saying, "the WSJ article is false. I don't live there and am not looking to buy a house anywhere." The Journal has not issued a response. The WSJ report states PayPal co-founder Ken Howery is the friend lending his home to Musk. Zillow estimates the home's market value is now at  $17.9 million . Howe

Per Austin Bulldog, The Former Austin Statemen Newspaper area, moves towards Development with Special Tax Breaks from Austin City Council

  Council moves to create $277 million infrastructure fund and grant special tax treatment to lakefront properties The Austin City Council took steps Monday to create a special tax zone to subsidize infrastructure development in a 118-acre area along Lady Bird Lake known as the South Central Waterfront. Plans for the zone call for the creation of amenities including a waterfront boardwalk, streetside rain gardens, commercial plazas, sculptures, amphitheater, and a disc golf course, as well as sidewalks, trails, and a revamped street network, at a cost of $277 million. A proportion of property taxes collected in the district would go to fund just those improvements, rather than the general fund. A draft ordinance posted with Monday’s council agenda put the proportion at 46 percent, though the council delayed a final decision on the exact increment. The subsidies could supercharge the development of an area that already includes some of the most valuable real estate in Austin, including

DAY CARE SERVICES (COMMERCIAL) Looking to Purchase or Lease, Contact Agent Willy McGee

  DAY CARE SERVICES (COMMERCIAL) Looking to Purchase or Lease Hello there! How are ya? Do you have anything?! What do you got?! We’re ready! Company is looking to be settled in Q1/Q2 2022 for a Fall Semester 2022-2023 year! Please let me know. We have the commercial application, profit sheet, and insurance documents ready to forward. The Space/Needs Program is as follows:   I.                   Space Needs:                2,500-3,500SF (Minimum) House or Commercial Property (1,800SF on Ground Floor)                3,500-4,000Sf Outdoor “Playspace”                Parking: 4-6 spaces II.                 Zoning Allowable Zoning: NO. LO, GO, GR, CBD., DMU, CS-1 DAY CARE SERVICES (COMMERCIAL) use is the use of a site for the provision of daytime care for more than 20 persons. This use includes nursery schools, preschools, day care centers for children or adults, and similar uses, and excludes public and private primary or secondary educational facilities. III.                Preferred Locat

Price Drop $399,850, 1407 Springdale, East Austin 2/1 Starter Home on Large DUPLEX sized LOT for Sale.

            $399,850 For Sale. 1407 Springdale Road, East Austin TX, 78721 zip code. SF-3 Zoning. 50.00 X 154.00 Lot dimensions per TCAD. Duplex sized LOT. Zero trees issues, zero. Silent Market status per owner's instructions. Contact ASM Inc Broker Associate George Vance McGee 512.657.9281 East Austin, TX Silent Market (non-mls per owner's specific instructions) for Sale. Asking price per owner of $399,850. 1407 Springdale Road, Austin TX 78721 zip code. SF3 Zoning. LOT size per TCAD of .1681 Acres or 7324 sq. ft of lot Land. DUPLEX sized LOT. Dimension per TCAD of 50.00 X 154.00. SURVEY available. Potential build up to, almost, 3,000 sq. ft of NEW construction. Currently tenant occupied and lived in. Do NOT disturb tenants. Showings, Preview call Austin Silent Market Broker Associate George Vance McGee 512.657.9281      What is the Austin Silent Market Brokerage Company?  We are a local, Texas li