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Why Austin Landlords loathe the Holidays...

Why is it?  Pardon, my french but the rental market during the doldrums holiday periods from Thanksgiving to Christmas, just plain sucks. On the bright side, the Real Estate energy on all levels, jumps way UP on January 1st of the new year. Why do Landlords detest  the Holidays? Well, during this November and December time period, most tenants are NOT even contemplating MOVE mode. Thus, there are very few actual moving tenants  to show, work, and engage with. In addition the Holidays are NOT a landlord's best friend because there seems to be an overabundance of INVENTORY for picky and choosy tenants to dissect and negotiate upon. Landlords and Lease Listing agents often forget that in addition to the privately owned Abor MLS Leasing Marketplace, landlord property is also competing with non-mls rental inventory as well. For example, apartment complexes, craigslist for rent by owners, and yard sign for rent by owners. Thus this combination and perfect storm of fac