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Per Umluaf Museum; Mentoring A Muse: Charles Umlauf & Farrah Fawcett

Mentoring A Muse: Charles Umlauf & Farrah Fawcett FEBRUARY 16 - AUGUST 20, 2017      In an exhibition titled  Mentoring a Muse: Charles Umlauf & Farrah Fawcett,  the UMLAUF explores a new and extraordinary aspect of an actress heretofore only narrowly known for her broad smile and bombshell looks, Farrah Fawcett. While much is known about Fawcett’s public life — her television and film career, including four Emmy and six Golden Globe nominations — her interest in art remains far more enigmatic. Although she left UT for Hollywood before completing her degree, she maintained her sculptor’s practice for her entire life, keeping an art building on the property of her Hollywood home. Fawcett maintained an ongoing friendship and correspondence with Umlauf for decades, visiting him and his wife Angeline when she was in Austin and attending the award ceremony when Umlauf became Texas Artist of the Year, presented in Houston in 1985, with Fawcett’s then partner Ryan O’Neal.      Mentori