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Per the Miliken Institute; Austin, Texas takes #1 top spot as 'best-performing' US city in 2023. Raleigh, Boise and Salt Lake City also big winners on respected ranking

  About Best-Performing Cities Welcome to the Best-Performing Cities (BPC) webpages. The BPC rankings offer an objective evaluation of the economic performance of US metropolitan areas based on 13 indicators that cover labor market conditions, high-tech impact, and access to economic opportunities. This year, two new metrics are incorporated into the index: community resilience and income inequality. To ensure that population size doesn't skew our results, we've divided US metropolitan areas into 200 large and 203 small cities. We've then classified these cities into five tiers, with Tier 1 being the highest-ranked cities and Tier 5 being the lowest-ranked cities. You can learn more about BPC's large and small cities by using the navigation buttons at the top of the page. The 2024 Milken Institute Ranking of Large U.S. Cities Austin-Round Rock Raleigh, Nort