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Pocket Listing: Tarrytown 3/2 Main House with 1/1 Guest House For Sale $1,185,000

This is an Austin Silent Market Brokerage Silent Market Listing. (Pocket Listing, NOT Active on MLS). It is potentially for Sale, asking $1,185,000.  For BUYER's agency and similar Tarytown, West Austin, Brykerwoods, Rosedale, Old Enfield, Clarksville properties contact Austin Silent Market's Licensed Realtor George Vance McGee @ 512.657.9281 iphone, Main House and Back House Remodel = Complete TARRYTOWN, West Austin neighborhood. Large, Flat, Lot. .2110 Acres or 9191 sq. ft Zoned SF-3. Main House is a remodeled 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom pier and beam Home with 1 Living Areas. 3rd Bedroom is very large  and is a hybrid Bedroom / Living Room, yet does have a closet, with  access to the backyard and main home. The Main 3/2 Home is 1758 sq. ft Single Story Main House. Total Sq. ft is 2143 sq. ft Upgraded Back House / Guest House / Casita is 418 sq. ft.  Silent Market Status for Sale, Asking Price of 1,185,000. There is al

It's time to Admit....Austin, Texas is Expensive $$$

Folks, It's time to finally admit that residential living and real estate in the city of Austin, Texas is straight up expensive! As a local, and 15 year plus working residential Central Austin, Core Real Estate Agent I have noticed the affordability of Austin simply vanquish. It's over. Austin Texas has been discovered, many times over. Austin's been combed over by investors. Austin's been publicized, and written about, and on the nation's radar. Austin Texas is simply an EXPENSIVE place to Live.  There are few Austin City Limit options as a Realtor I can provide for budget savvy buyers and renters. People either have the jobs or money to live, buy and do Austin, Texas or they don't. Maybe it's time for me to move away. Where? Somewhere cheaper? Dallas, Arizona, Florida. The only geographic areas of the U.S.A. more expensive than Austin, Texas are L.A, San Francisco, and California in general. NYC and Seattle are probably still very  expensive as