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The Saturday Caffeine Social Ride Group Bicycle Cruise

  This is at the SPOKESMAN Coffee & Beer Hangout, Lounge in the Highland Neighborhood of North Central ATX. The have a carbonated Glacier Blue Gatorade. Muy Refresco! Same day, mid 2.5 hour bike ride adventure, same group @ the PEASE PARK Splash Pad.  The Social Cycling Group Bike ride began @ Granny's Tacos & Revival on East 7th street, ATX. The above photos are from the Public ATX Rail / Train ride back from Highland to Downtown ATX. Pretty pleasant, peaceful, relaxing and smooth. It gave me a different perspective on ATX's upcoming Project Connect. This Rail Trian Line converses all the way from Northwest Leander to Downtown Austin, Texas To join, learn more or go on one of the absolutely FREE Social Cycling Austin Bike Rides, click here to learn more. It is a 100 percent free, volunteer organization. I, GVM approve. 

Westlake, Single Level 4 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, 2 Living, 2 car garage. Massive Backyard, Asking $4,800 for lease

  Westlake, Single Level 4 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, 2 Living, 2 car garage. Massive Backyard,  Asking $4,800 for lease. Currently an off market, non-mls property for lease. The ownership is being represented by  a member of the owners; a commercial licensed agent. I, GVM Broker Associate can work and show as your tenant rep, and earn a seller's paid leasing commission. 512.657.9281 Asking price of $4,800 per month. Single Level. 4 full bedroom, 3 bathrooms, 2 Living, 2 car garage, Large massive flat backyard, Washer dryer included. Kitchen Opens to Main Living Room. Large Primary Bedrooms Closet. Square Footage per TCAD of 2,521. Contact your tenant rep, George Vance McGee of Austin Silent Market, Broker Associate 512.657.9281 

Per Austin 36o; West Campus Cain N Abels, Plan for New Build Tower filed, but owner says, "Bar is NOT closing soon"

 Per Austin 36o; West Campus Cain N Abels, Plan File for New Tower filed, but owners says Bar is NOT closing soon. 7.28.2022  I, GVM have fond stories, times and memories from Cain N Abels in West Campus. My UT days were 2000-2004 and, once you really, really turned 21, usually circa Junior Year, you could actually hang, lounge and drink there.  On Tuesday was, and still is? the Famous Bucket of Beers for #1 dollar night. With inflation in 2022, maybe that special is or is not going on, I don't know? It's been awhile for me.   I personally would find it quite SAD, and disheartening the 1 and only genuine West Campus BAR / PUB @ the Univ. of Texas could be demolished and removed for another residential campus hi-rise. Ughh...Your thoughts?  

Austin TX's BOOKPEOPLE is Hiring for jobs...

   ‌    ‌    ‌ We're looking for our new School Business Manager! Are you passionate about children's books and children's literacy?  BookPeople works with  100+ schools across 5 local districts  to host nationally touring authors, present high quality book fairs, and help educators foster curious, engaged, confident young readers.  We're looking for someone to manage this program and build a strong school-focused team in our  brand-new warehouse!  If that sounds like something you would love to do, we're hiring, and this job might be for YOU! Apply Today! Connect Students with Nationally Touring Authors As the largest independent bookstore in Texas, we're proud to be a regular stop for publishing's biggest authors.  If an author is going on tour, they usually stop by BookPeople.  For popular kids authors, we host events at schools across the Austin area. This is an incredible opportunity to reach students where they are and build a love of reading. Build Re