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Dear California....No thanks, Sincerely Texas.

 #1. We don't need your money. #2 Keep your Left Coast women, Southern Girls are wonderful, beautiful, kind and a plenty. #3 Screw your homeless, socialist, heavy-tax government is the answer philosophies. So tonight, I was able to go mix it up in Downtown Austin, sans mask, freely at bars in the Dirty Sixth and Rainey Areas. Often as a friendly, outgoing, handsome and tall (6'1) gentlemen I converse with people, patrons, folks and visitors as a whole. In Downtown Austin, Texas tonight (6.5.2021) I encountered way too many  Californian visitors. Honestly it was alarming how many people were from or visiting the ATX from California. Can someone explain this California Tex-Odus to me? What is going on? Is this the Anti Manifest Destiny Doctrine going on? Society travels West, becomes disappointed and moves to the Central Southwestern USA?  I don't get  it, I don't understand it, and honestly I don't Like it.  California has perfect weather, so stay there and leave Tex

1st Thursdays are BACK @ the South Congress Hotel 6 pm onwards..

  It finally feels like Austin is back, y'all. Time to flex the ol' muscles and get back to what we do best: live + local music, poolside hangs + creating spaces to welcome in the community for good times ahead @ the South Congress Hotel.

3702 Werner Avenue $545K for Sale, $2,125 for Lease 3/1 French Place Fixer Upper or East Central LOT

  3 Full Bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1,147 sq. ft single level HOME in the French Place neighborhood of Central East Austin. Prime location within French Place with proximity  to Manor Road, Hyde Park, Central Austin, University of Texas. LOT Size per TCAD of .1150 Acre or 5007 sq. ft of Lot Land. Sf-3 Zoning. Asking price per ownership of $545,000. For Lease with an asking monthly rental price of $2125.  For  brokerage services, Contact Austin Silent Market’s George Vance McGee Broker Associate 512.657.9281 iphone,