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Showing posts from June 28, 2020

C.O.T.A. Bike Night, Tuesday Nights

Fellow Central Texans, I'd like to inform you that C.O.T.A (Circuit of the Americas) Bicycle Night on Tuesdays is an experience!  The cost is 5-6 bucks and you are required to pre-pay and register online before arrival. Upon Arrival to the Elroy, TX Development wonder, and only F1 track in North America, the car parking is free. Next you go check in inside and get a paper wristband. Lastly you are free to use, ride and bike the COTA paved track however your choose. Warning, Turn 1, the first large uphill turn doesn't visually look imposing, but on a bike is physically strenuous. I was able  to complete 5 laps total, but only 1.5 turn 1 hill climbs. It is a friendly all ages and skill level ride, from little infant kids, to recreational bikers like me, to legit semi-professional geared up speedy pros.   It is a thrilling, invigorating and such a unique experience! There is free cold water station mid-lap, surrounding pump-up music the entire lap and food trucks with

Fresh Opening: the East Austin Whole Foods Grocery, Satillo Plaza

6.30.2020  A brand new WHOLE FOODS Grocery Store just officially opened to the general public for business recently. It is located in the East Austin Plaza Satillo Development in Central EAST Austin. It's  adjacent to the Target Retail Store. Wow, a Target and a Whole Foods next to each other? 1 stop Shopping bliss.  I just personally toured this new East Austin (East 5th  street) Whole Foods Grocery. It is crisp, sleek, and clean with all concrete floors. It is packed with  food and items. It looks, walks and feels superb.  The security guards said there is free 90 minute  garage on-site parking for validation. The only major bummer is Jeff Bezos gets richer when you shop there.  Got any East Austin Residential Real Estate Inquiries? 512.657.9281 iphone George Vance McGee Austin Silent Market Realtor.