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Austin, Texas Metro Rental/Leasing Statistics: January 2024

  Hi George-Vance, As we sail into February, I’m excited to share the Austin Metro rental/leasing data for our first month of the New Year! As always, I have been closely monitoring our investor and rental market activity in the Austin Metro Area and I am including the January 2024 statistics in this newsletter along with observations and notes. January 2024 SFR and Duplex Rental Stats below :    Main Takeaways: DAYS ON MARKET (DOM) REMAIN HIGH One of two consistent trends continuing from 2023 to 2024 (for now) is that it's taking a lot more time to lease properties. The largest contributing factor for this in 2023 was due to the large increase in inventory available for lease on the market. However - a notable change in the inventory we see in January 2024 is that we have a decrease in new SFR listings YOY. I will continue to track inventory closely this year (along with everything else) in relation to DOM.  We can combat Days on Market by focusing on TWO THINGS. Eliminating Vaca