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Shady Hallow Home in Southwest Austin; successful Austin Silent Market closing as buyer's agency.

  In the words of the band Semisonic it’s, “closing time.” @independence title Rollingwood. New owners and family folks Jack & Dominique. Introduced to me by Justin Conrad. It took over a contemplative, wise year +/-, but we navigated the waters.     Allison Vincent Escrow Assistant & Team Funder to Toni Halseth TDI Lic number #2329885 (Company) TDI Lic number #1886320 (Toni Halseth) 2500 Bee Cave Rd, Bldg 2 Suite 100, Austin, TX 78746 Main 512.329.5299 E-Fax 512.279.1861 Team E-Mail:   teamhalseth@independencetitle. com    

I got to meet Jose Velasquez, Austin City Council District 3 Candidate, East & Central South Austin, Texas

  I actually got to meet and have a 1 on 1 coffee conversation @spokesman St. Elmo south, with our geographic area’s next Austin, Texas district 3 councilman. He earned my vote, moderate, practical, pro-housing, sensible —  drinking  coffee  at  Spokesman (SOUTH - Located in THE YARD) . Photo courtesy of José Velásquez Campaign. José Velásquez  was raised by a single mother who supported him and his three siblings on $25,000 a year. He says today, even adjusting for inflation, the family wouldn’t be able to afford anything in the East Austin they grew up in. That’s what’s motivated his run.  “That is not the Austin that I was born into, and not the Austin that I want to leave future generations,” he tells the  Monitor .  To tackle affordability woes, he’s designed the Affordable Austin Plan, which calls for encouraging remote work and taking on anti-gentrification efforts.  Velasquez says, “So we clear up a little congestion on the highway, less pollution, people have better quality

The Los Angeles Trip Photo, McGee Cousin Wedding, Sunset Blvd. Hollywood. Mullholland Drive, Venice Beach, Hermosa Beach, etc...