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"Silent Market" TARRYTOWN Sf-3 Zoned, over 10,000 sq. ft lot for Sale...

View this email in your browser "Silent Market" "Not Active MLS" TARRYTOWN SF-3 Zoned LOT For Sale, asking $995,000.  TARRYTOWN LOT For Sale, Per TCAD, 10,697 sq. ft of Land. Minimal Tree Issues, Walking Distance  to Tarrytown / Triangle Park. Casis Elementary. Flat LOT.  CALL GVM for SURVEY, address and offers 512.657.9281 What is the Austin Silent Market? We are a full service real estate brokerage company. We earn our livelihood from sold and leased realty commissions. We are also known for highlighting  "Silent Market" "Off Market" "Pocket Listings" "Word of Mouth" properties to the public. Contact 512.657.9281 iphone, George Vance McGee Austin Silent Market Licensed Real Estate Agent.