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Credit Scores & Real Estate. Why they are important.

  I personally and recently learned the importance and relevance of having a reputable CREDIT SCORE. After years of living as a twenty something and not caring if I didn't pay my local NYC Midtown Gym bill, Macy's Card, etc, I discovered my Credit Score was in the lower tier 550 range. Not Good News. This low credit score deterred my financial lending ability to purchase a Rental Income Property with my Brother in San Marcos. It also hindered my financial ability to purchase a SOCO, Travis Heights 2/2 Condo with my fiancĂ©. Luckily my fiancĂ© had perfect credit and could qualify for the moderate sized loan on her own. Despite having zero, I repeat zero debt, my credit score was undesirable. My Credit Score needed a BOOT CAMP! Let's admit, credit cards are stupid, unnecessary and in my opinion suck. Yet having a record and solid history with credit is important for your personal credit report, and real estate ambitions. Possessing an average to higher tier credit score will im

The Province in Tarrytown, Brand New Large Townhomes for Sale, Contact George Vance McGee for buyer's agency

  For Buyer's Agent, Representation, similar properties and brokerage work, Contact Austin Silent Market's George Vance McGee 512.657.9281 iphone, Available Inventory List 3.13.2021 UNIT # PLAN SCHEME BEDROOMS INT SF EXT SF TOTAL SF LIST PRICE PPSF EST. HOA 102 A 1 3 BD / 3 BA 2,393 949 3,342 $1,490,000 $623 $482 104 A 1 3 BD / 3 BA 2,393 949 3,342 $1,490,000 $623 $482