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Per "Buyer Bargains: Here Are the 10 U.S. Cities Where Home Prices Are Dropping the Most Right Now" (Hint #1 is Austin, Texas)

  Buyer Bargains: Here Are the 10 U.S. Cities Where Home Prices Are Dropping the Most Right Now By Evan Wyloge Oct 10, 2022. click here for the direct link article The inconceivable is happening. After two-plus years of unimaginable and seemingly inexorable growth, home prices are falling from their heady peaks over the summer. The reason: Higher mortgage interest rates have thinned out the ranks of buyers who can still qualify for a home loan and sharply reduced the price of the homes the remaining few in the market can afford. Gone are most of the frenzied bidding wars and six-figure offers over the asking prices. Homes are now sitting on the market longer, inventory is piling up, and sellers—at least in some markets—are cutting prices. In some metropolitan areas, median list prices overall are falling from their June highs. These are the places where buyers can find relative deals compared with a few months earlier and where there are generally more homes for sale. The

Preservation Austin, Happy hour social highlights "DIRTY MARTIN's Kum-Back" on the DRAG, near Univ. of Texas

Noble Property INSPECTIONS, Austin, Texas

  Hi George-Vance! I noticed that you are an active agent in the Austin area and wanted to introduce my company! We are Noble Property Inspections and operate in the Greater Austin area. I understand you may not have the need for a home inspector yet, but we are emailing you in hopes that you may remember us when you represent your buyers! We provide everything required in a TREC home inspection (foundation, roof, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, appliances, fixtures, etc.) BUT this is what really sets us apart: We are a family-owned and  Engineer-operated  business. We train our inspectors to be non-alarmist for your client. Our reports are not boiler plate, overly lengthy, or full of confusing language. We are straightforward and to the point. We offer a 1-stop shop for inspection service add-ons (termite/WDI, pool & spa, irrigation, repair pricer, house elevation plots, floor plans, well & septic, sewer scoping, radon, engineering services, etc.). We can do new-build and phased i

ACL Music Festival Photos, 2022, I went on Friday & Saturday. I'm officially a byoc guy (bring your own chair)