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George Vance, look how much you used DocuSign last year in 2021

  Log in 2021 Year in Review You joined DocuSign in August, 2016, and currently use the BusinessPro Plan We're so happy to have you as a customer. Hi George Vance, With 2022 in full swing, we wanted to thank you for being such a valuable customer. Let's take a look back at how much you used DocuSign last year, and how that contributed to the bigger, more global, picture. 137 envelopes sent Which translates into 137 papercuts and BandAids avoided in 2021. Your fingers thank you for choosing DocuSign. $4932 money saved Based on US$36 average savings per agreement. That's $4932 worth of paper, ink, and more saved in 2021. The environment thanks you too. Our global impact Since 2003, DocuSign and our community of over 1 million customers and 1 billion signers, including you,  saved over 38 billion sheets of paper . 4 million  trees saved Forests serve as the Earth's lungs. By replacing paper with digital processes we are saving millions of trees. 4 billion gallons water sav

Per Thrillist; Perfect Winter Road Trips for When You Need to Escape Austin, Texas

  Perfect Winter Road Trips for When You Need to Escape Austin Luxe ranch resorts, Hill Country hikes, and all the barbecue you can eat. By  James Wong Updated on 1/7/2022 at 3:38 PM Collective Retreats Travel really is touch-and-go right now. One minute the borders are open, the next minute they’re closed. Factor in delays, cancellations, and airport lines… and a vacation seems a lot less appealing this winter, doesn’t it? We Austinites, however, need not worry about whether or not to upgrade from Basic Economy to Economy (woof), because just a short drive from Bat City lies a matrix of adorable weekend getaway destinations just waiting to be discovered. Winter  happens to be one of the best times to explore Texas on wheels. You can leave picnics in the trunk without cheese slices melting, hike the great outdoors and work up a sweat that’s based on actual exercise, and maybe even pitch a tent without fainting (or let someone else pitch it for you, if you’re the glamping sort). We’ve p