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Per Austonia; Normal is back! CDC lifts mask requirements for fully vaccinated citizens indoors and outdoors

  Normal is back! CDC says fully vaccinated can gather without masks written by Sonia Garcia 5.13.2021 Get ready for festival season: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is no longer recommending fully vaccinated individuals take certain COVID-19 precautions, such as wearing a mask and social distancing. Their guidance does leave room for exceptions, such as when on a bus or a plane or in a hospital, prison or homeless shelter. The decision comes after new data shows the effectiveness of vaccines against the virus and its variants; it also showed COVID is unlikely to be transmitted between vaccinated people. Kids are the next in line to start getting the vaccine with Pfizer getting emergency use authorization for 12-15 year olds. This week, Austin ISD announced it wouldn't require students to wear masks during outdoor physical activities. In Travis County, just over 47% of those 16 and older are fully vaccinated. Click here for the Austonia version & Article. FROM YO

GVM quoted in upcoming TEXAS REALTORS MAGAZINE Article, "What I learned from previous jobs to make me a better Realtor"

  Good afternoon, (May 7th, 2021)   Thank you so much for submitting your story for consideration.    I am pleased to inform you that we plan to use your story as part of our upcoming article on what REALTORS® have learned from past jobs and other life experiences!   We have edited your story for style, length, and clarity. Here is what we plan to run:   “For about a year and a half, I worked as a bellman, greeter, valet, and host for a boutique and celebrity hot spot hotel in Manhattan known as the Hotel Gansevoort. At first, I was genuinely starstruck by the famous celebrity guests, such as Calvin Klein, Christina Aguilera, and Richard Branson. Yet eventually, I learned the celebrities were welcoming, easy-going, and just wanted attentive, fun personal service like the other guests. This experience taught me to not be frightened or intimidated by wealth. Wealthy real estate buyers and sellers want quality, informed, and prompt real estate service just like everybody else.” —George Va

Former Shady Grove Barton Springs Rd Commercial Landlord plans to SELL entire property

 5.11.2021 By George Vance McGee Broker Associate Austin Silent Market Inc. Former Shady Grove Barton Springs Rd Commercial Landlord plans to SELL property. How does GVM know this? Well, while I was out on one of my enjoyable exercise bicycle excursions, I passed by the now dilapidated and heavily spray-paint tagged Shady Grove restaurant.  Then, I got the meet the actual property owner, an older gentlemen. The owner stated he enjoyed having Shady Grove as his commercial tenant for over 30 years! Who didn't love Shady Grove eh? I told him how fun the unplugged free outdoor concerts were. While I was talking with him he expressed his desire to SELL the over 1 full acre of commercial zoned property with frontage on Barton Springs Road. I was unable to get his asking price. The owner seemed to feel inclined to place it active on the market. The owner says he gets inundated with direct sales calls and messages. That's the word on the street, Got a question, wa