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The Tamale House on East 6th

This morning while east at the TAMALE HOUSE , there was a live band playing music inside. The band had a saxophone player, keyboardist, violinist, bassist and even a TAP SHOES male dancer as the drummer. Its was cool. The Tamale House East Facebook Page. Are you thinking about living the Central EAST Austin Residential Lifestyle? Buying? Selling? Leasing? Building? Contact Austin Silent Market Licensed  Realtor, George Vance McGee @ 512.657.9281 iphone,

GVM just saved his tenant clients' $1,200. Read here to find out how!

Just LEASED, by GVM Tenant Rep Realtor with the Austin Silent Market  Inc. This property was listed in the MLS Lease System by the Austin Summit Group for $1900. It  is a 2 full bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, 2 Level Condo with 2  covered & gated parking spots with over 1000  sq. ft of pristine living space AND a balcony.  With GVM's help and noticing, that the unit lacked washer dryer units and connections, we were able to negotiate the lease down $100 bucks to $1800 per month.  Thus GVM helped his tenant clients save $100 a month X 12 months = $1200. Not Too Shabby. Are you interested in perhaps leasing, buying or renting an excellent West Austin Condo? Contact Austin Silent Market Inc's George  Vance McGee, Realtor 512.657.9281 iphone, I'd also like to thank the Austin Summit Group for their working relationship and real estate owner connections.

Taco Flats, fully alive and serving West Lynn, Visitors....

This Poster Honoring the  LATE great, Don Baylor of Professional MLB Baseball lore  and glory , I found heartfelt, genuine and very cool! Don Baylor passed away in 2017. Don Baylor was born in Austin, and grew up in Clarksville. TACO FLATS is a Mexican Food, Sports and Ceviche style restaurant, that recently opened up in the Clarksville neighborhood of West Austin and the "78703" Zip Code. It's located circa West Lynn and West 12th. It occupies the former "Zocolo" space, yet has been lightly remodeled. It is still a very LARGE OPEN air, 1 big room floorplan. I've eaten here a couple times, and the  Ceviche and Tap Beers looks the most appealing. It is not cheap, and not expensively priced. I'd call it moderate.  Do you have any questions about Clarksville Residential Real Estate? Do you want to live, buy or lease in Clarksville, West Austin? Curious as to what  the prices are in today's market?  Contact Austin Silent Market Licensed Real

New Hotel Coming Soon to Historical GREEN PASTURES in Bouldin, Central South Austin, Texas

Click here for the CURBED Article on the Hotel Plans coming soon for the Back Corner of the GREEN PASTURES Historical Estate. Pretty cool, new boutique Hotel in the BOULDIN neighborhood of Central South Austin. Keep in mind this Curbed Article is from the year 2016. Clayton Little Architects December 16th, 2019. Update. I, GVM, personally attended last night's open to the public (as always) Downtown Austin Historical Commission, monthly meeting. By a 6-2 Vote, the panel PASSED the Little Architect's drawings and plans for a brand new "Boutique" Hotel in the back corner of the Green Pastures Historical Acreage site, and land in Bouldin, Austin, Texas 78704. Pretty cool!  Are you thinking about Buying, Selling, or Leasing? Or  Perhaps renting out a place you own? Are you thinking about buying a Lot in Austin and Central Texas? Would you like to visit with a 12 year plus licensed Texas Real Estate Agent, ABOR  member and ATX long-time core Local? IF so, con