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Per Thrillist, Austin Texas's 10 Best Swimming Pools

  Austin’s 10 Best Swimming Pools Grab that flamingo floatie and get to work. By  Molly Moltzen Published on 6/23/2022 at 4:19 PM VIEW 10 PLACES ON MAP W Austin It’s an undebatable, undeniable fact: To survive the Texas summer heat, you’re gonna need a lot of water. And, in saying that, we mean much more than just keeping that Brita filled. Keeping your temperature at the regular 98.6 degrees requires a full-body,  aquatic submerge , the type where you sink so far down that you’re only visible from your nose up. Thankfully, there’s plenty of options for chlorine-related fun in the city—even if no one in your crew has a pool in their apartment complex. We’ve gathered up all the best pools in the city for your dipping pleasure. Whether you want to wade on a retro-themed deck, dwell in the midst of a city tradition, or simply need a change from the  Barton Springs  scene, our list has you covered. Just be sure to top off that Brita before you go. Austin Motel Austin Motel South Congress A