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AREA Facebook Forum, GVM asks fellow agents/realtors, "So what does "PRICE UPON REQUEST" mean? huh? why? on a real estate for sale listing?

GVM broker associate asks, So what does "PRICE UPON REQUEST" mean? huh? why? "I don’t know why agents do this. We don’t need yet another step in the process. " "I absolutely hate this tactic when shopping for certain cars or big ticket items online. What’s the big secret?" "anytime price isn’t available I just skip over it because that means it’s too pricey" "I love it when agents do this on ALN like don’t you think I’ve gone through enough trouble to get to this point in the search and now you are here with this BS talking about “price upon request” GTFOH it’s stupid that’s what it is." "No, you first - what would you pay for it?" "A tactic realtors use that they believe will drive more traffic and inquires. When in fact it does the opposite. This strategy may have worked in 2021/early 2022 - definitely not in this market with high interest rate, zero FOMO, high inflation, layoffs of high paying positions and low pool o

CAROUSEL LOUNGE's 60th, yes 60th Birthday All Day Music Friday July 7th 2023. Plus KXAN NBC TV news appearance coverage

Carousel Lounge celebrates 60 years in Austin | KXAN Austin TV News A local/austin/carousel-lounge- celebrates-60-years-in-austin/  CAROUSEL LOUNGE's 60th, yes 60th Birthday All Day Music Saturday July 7th, 2023  3 pm to Midnight Musical Party & Celebration! Location 1110 East 52nd Street . Just north of MUELLER, east central ATX.  I GVM think this a "BYOB" commercial establishment, meaning bring your own booze of choice.  In spite of (or maybe because of) its out-of-the-way location and bizarre circus theme -- complete with elephant and lion-tamer murals and an actual carousel behind the bar -- the Carousel Lounge is a highly popular local watering hole. You never know what will turn up onstage -- this place has hosted everything from smaller musical acts to belly dancers. -Frommers Austin's Carousel Lounge is in itself a timeless, arcane environment, which in filmmaker David Lynch's better days was commonly referred to as "Tw

Austin Silent Market's 119 Meteor Drive Listing will be on MLS Area 10/SWE PROPERTY TOUR LINEUP, 6.22.2023 Check it out.


ATX Politics. SAVE AUSTIN NOW: The latest on the City of Austin's refusal to enforce Prop B and its tragic consequences

    Good Wednesday afternoon -- With the help of thousands of Austinites, in May 2021 we earned more than 90,000 votes to require reinstatement of the homeless camping ban in the City of Austin. The will of the voters was CLEARLY expressed -- over the opposition of the then-Mayor of Austin, nine out of ten city council members, every local Democratic organization and elected official, and nearly every local media organization. After Prop B passed, we gave the city several months to demonstrate enforcement -- but they didn't. So we recruited four small business owners and sued the City of Austin for refusing to enforce Prop B. That lawsuit is now before the 3rd Court of Appeals (decision is expected this summer) and is expected to be finally decided by the Texas Supreme Court. Our new Mayor  Kirk Watson  has said publicly on many occasions that Prop B must be enforced, as the voters passed it and there is a corresponding state law. But so far, we have not seen Prop B enforcement. Wh

Per EATER Austin, TX; Can the 24 Hour Diner concept stay alive in modern times?

  DINER LAND Twilight of the 24-Hour Diner The pandemic, labor shortages, and unpredictable patronage pose challenges for America’s beloved all-night diners. by  Nadia Chaudhury     Jun 12, 2023, 9:00am CDT Click here for the EATER ARTICLE,

The current Mayor of Austin, TX Kirk Watson Wire: Getting (Stuff) Done for Housing

  We’ve seen in recent years that the very qualities that drew so many people to Austin for so long – an ethos of acceptance and an economy of abundance – are now jeopardized by the incredible growth they produced. At the same time, economic forces far beyond our control have further compromised Austin’s affordability, with rising housing costs as the central cause and effect. I worry a lot about intergenerational inequity. If housing costs in Austin put home ownership – typically the basis of long-term financial stability – out of reach for our children and grandchildren, we’ll be undermining their future. Even if people don’t want to or can't own, being able to find a place to live that’s affordable is key to building a future. The next generation should have a right to build lives in Austin (and build wealth in Austin) the way so many of us did for so long. We can’t protect Austin  –  in fact, we'll fail Austin  –  by cutting off the next generation of Austinites. For that m

a Saturday Nite @ the Historical BROKEN SPOKE on South Lamar Blvd.