A Message from Cord Shiflet, a perennially Top Ranked Austin, Texas fellow Realtor


Dear friend -

I don’t like politics … at all.  Especially in this current environment.  Personally, I’m fiscally right, socially left…..and generally fall somewhere in the middle.  What I do LOVE is Austin.  I was born and raised here and have been proud to call it home for 45 years.

I’ve been really sad to see what’s happened to our beloved city with the homelessness and feel lifting the camping ordinance last summer was a terrible mistake by our City Council.  I don’t have the answers to the problem and I don’t pretend to know.  What I do know is the mess it’s created is not healthy for our city, our business, our clients and for our safety.  I want Austin to continue to be the beautiful, loving, welcoming, friendly, quirky and weird place it’s always been….and I wish we still had Leslie riding his bike around town wearing his pink thong….

We may not all agree, and that’s okay….but I’d like to try and help keep Austin the place I’ve always known and the place we all love.

I am hoping we are able to put the “camping ban” on the November Ballot.  A group has been working hard to do it and needs 20,000 signatures to make that happen.  They are now only 4,000 signatures away and have only 8 days to get those completed.

If you would like to help and simply see our community vote for their feelings on this issue, PLEASE take a few minutes fill out this petition.  Yes, you have to print it out, sign it and mail it in….. I’d beg of you to take the time to do it, if this is an important issue for you.

Here’s a
 link to the petition.  Simply print it out, fill out the last part, sign it and mail it in.  I’d welcome any of you to forward this to your friends or clients or post to social media.

Download link --

Thanks for taking the time to read this. My apologies in advance if this steps on your toes…  I’ve been very involved with Mobile Loaves and Fishes and Community First doing what small part I can to help the folks experiencing homelessness.  It’s nothing that has a quick and easy fix and I know it’s a hot topic.  I hope we can all work together to take care of the people that need a roof over their heads and I vow to continue supporting through the efforts I believe help.

Together, we can find a way…..but I feel what we’ve done for the past year isn’t the answer and isn’t what we need or want.

Many thanks and please stay healthy out there!  And VOTE!

Cord Shiflet