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the 5 Biggest Things Home Buyer's Often Get Wrong. Per Twitter User; RealEstateMaxi (@Alan Corey | Real Estate Maximalist)

  RealEstateMaxi (@Alan Corey | Real Estate Maximalist) posted: I've sold over 400 homes as a realtor and these are the 5 biggest things home buyers get wrong. 1. A primary home is not an investment You are making emotional decisions on choosing a primary homes, which is often not the best spreadsheet decision. It's okay to invest in your lifestyle, but don't expect it have the amazing ROI on your finances too. 2. Saving for a bigger house doesn't work Your savings rate will not be faster than the rate of inflation. Trying to saving another $10k to have a bigger down payment just makes you buy the same house in a year at a higher price. 3. A forever home is myth The average length of home ownership is 8 yrs. You don't need to shop for a 30-year horizon. Your preferences, life, and career will change in unimaginable ways in 8 years and you'll be ready to move on to a new life and home sooner than you think. 4. There is no perfect home Every budget from $50k to