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per KUT News; The city of Austin Texas readies to greatly reduce the amount of land needed to build a home

the City of Austin Texas  readies to greatly reduce the amount of land needed to build a home KUT 90.5 | By Luz Moreno-Lozano , Audrey McGlinchy Published July 19, 2023 at 9:59 AM CDT In an attempt to encourage the building of smaller and cheaper homes, Austin leaders are angling to lower the amount of land required to build a house. On Thursday, the City Council will vote on a resolution to start the process, although it could still be years before changes go into effect. “This is a simple and elegant way to make it possible for homeowners who are being priced out to be able to stay in their homes,” Council Member Leslie Pool, who is spearheading the resolution, told KUT. “We have programs for people who have low salaries, but we don’t have a lot of options for those who earn enough to be OK (but can’t purchase a home).” Throughout cities, land codes dictate not only what you can build and where, but how tall and wide offices or homes can be. Among these rules is what is called the mi

Asheville, North Carolina stands on its own merit. A Babymoon Vacation Review.

 I'd been hearing about the allure and rumblings of Asheville, North Carolina since perhaps as far back as 2015. I had a previous Austin, Texas real estate customer who owned a large number of Central Austin Real Estate properties and often during business conversation and while in person at the coffee shop in Clarskville West Austin would tell me, "George Vance, Austin  doesn't make sense any more. It's too expensive, nothing cash flows, anymore."   Thus this same Austin Silent Market customer and friend harped the horn towards the glory of Asheville, North Carolina. He said, "the Asheville weather is an eternal spring, it feels and lives like Austin, Texas during it's peak 1990's-2000 golden yet not-fully discovered decade and era."    Most recently he informed me, he sold all of his Austin, Texas Real estate and converted it to Asheville, North Carolina Real Estate. Next, my true blood ATX cousin decided to move to Asheville with his newly-wed