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the Bill Wittliff Museum @ Texas State University, San Marcos 7th Floor Library = Free Admission and Cool!

  Click here for Wikepeida on Bill Whittliff's Life, Career, etc. Click here for the official WHITTLIFF MUSEUM  #@ Texas Stat U link

A thank you note; plus Texas vs. Alabama Tailgate Invite from Chicago Title Barton Skyway

Hi George, Big Congratulations on getting this property closed. I hope you know how much we appreciate YOU!!! Will we see you and Sheila at the Tail Gate? Also, we have some good classes coming up…I’ll keep you updated. Just know you can contact us anytime.. Jennifer Tabitha Karen and Glenna

a fresh Austin Silent Market GVM positive work testimonial

  “Thank you both for your hard work and always getting things done!!”   Terry & Wayne Wendland. Austin Silent Market Realty worked as a team and gainfully listed on ABOR & SABOR and sold their 70 Acre Farm and Ranch in Hondo, Texas, just west of San Antonio, Texas.