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LEGAL UPDATE: August 13 Deadline for Austin Board of Realtors MLS Rules & Business Changes

  George-Vance, this is a critical communication for your business. Please read this in its entirety. We’ve included a  printable PDF   if that’s easier for you. If you manage agents, please share this information and make sure they’re aware of the upcoming changes.   Dear George-Vance,   Now that NAR has released the  necessary guidance  on mandatory MLS policy changes, we’re able to share  detailed information about the MLS rules and broker business practice changes  required in the NAR settlement and how they specifically impact our marketplace.    ABoR and Unlock MLS are required to make these changes regardless of the outcome of the settlement and we’re committed to helping you navigate this transition as smoothly as possible. We’re doing what we can to help you navigate this moment.  We’re putting forms and resources in your hands  so that you have as much time as possible to update your business practices and prepare your clients ahead of an  August 13  implementation date.   Th

Tik Tok, Women's 5 minute tirade on why, "Austin Texas Real Estate is Cooked. (Overpriced, Overinflated)

 Tik Tok, Women's 5 minute tired on why, "Austin Texas Real Estate is Cooked. (Overpriced, Overinflated) ‘This is what you get’: Austin woman berates California tech workers for inflating the city’s housing market during the pandemic — here’s what you can learn from the Golden State migration Story by Sabina Wex  •  12h  •  4 min read   click here for the 5 minute viral soliloquy on why this women thinks Austin Real Estate Market is cooked.  

Recommendation; Local Austin Independent Health Insurance Agent Melissa Paxton

 Recommendation; Local Austin Independent Health Insurance Agent Mellissa Paxton  Thanks for referring clients to me. Feel free to share my cell 214-288-3179 and email Here is a headshot if you need it. I don't advertise, so referrals are the way my company grows, so I really appreciate it! Melissa