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From Quicken Loans; "What is the Average Appreciation Rate for Homes."

  What Does Appreciation Mean In Real Estate?   5-Minute Read   Published on December 17, 2020 What Is The Average Appreciation Rate For Homes? The national average appreciation rate is  3% – 5% . The first thing you have to understand is that your land will drive the overall appreciation value of your home. However, certain situations like COVID-19 can change the entire situation a bit. Just to give you some context, in January of 2020, Veros Real Estate Solutions, a leader in enterprise risk management and collateral valuation, predicted that home appreciation values  for 2020 would be 3.9% . However, just 4 months later, with COVID-19 in full effect, they changed their  prediction to a drop to 1.9%  for 2020. Another issue you could have with your home’s value is that it’s in a constant state of depreciation over time. The reason this is happening is due to maintenance, renovations and general upkeep. If you don’t maintain your home, its value can decrease. Currently, we are all bel

THIS FRIDAY JUNE 18th 2021 Folk Uke, Willy McGee & Friends at Sam's Town Point South Austin Live Show

    William Sears McGee 12:27 PM (2 minutes ago) to FORWARD THIS TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY!! FRIDAY JUNE 18th 2021 @  Sam’s Town Point  located at  2115 Allred Dr. Austin, Tx 78748 (Nestled in the neighborhood behind Armadillo Den and Moontower Saloon, the REAL DEAL!) UPVOTE THIS ON Do512! 6/18/willy-s-band-at-sam-s- town-point-tickets FACEBOOK LINK TO EVENT! Folk Uke -  (Daughters of Willie Nelson & Woody Guthrie) "One was a tramp and one was devastatingly pure. With a ukulele and an acoustic guitar, they formed a band for the same reason kids join gangs…" Link to their Spotify! Willy McGee & The Full Band Listen on Spotify - "Willy McGee is a songwriter and filmmaker that was born and raised in Austin, Texas. He grew up playing piano and guitar, listening to hand-me-down records of Willis Alan Ramsey, Leon Russell, and The Doobie Brothers. The thirty-one-year

Smashing Records, per ABoR Insider: Austin-Area Home Sales Jump 48% in May. (This does Not include Off-Market Sales Data)

  Got a question or inquiry about Central Austin and Central Texas REAL ESTATE? Contact Austin Silent Market's Licensed Broker Associate George Vance McGee 512.657.9281 iphone

Jake Andrews Band Live @ St. Luke's Methodist Church in Clarksville, West Austin.

  Click here for more information about Jake Andrews Music, Guitar Lessons Teacher Click here for Saint Luke's Methodist Church Clarksville, West Lynn Website Information. While I got your attention and eyeballs and interest. Got a question about Central Austin, Central Texas Real Estate? Sales? Leasing? Zoning? Historical? Development? Silent Market? Contact Austin Silent Market Licensed Real Estate Broker George Vance McGee 512.657.9281

The Living Musical Legend Jimmy Vaughn @ C BOY's Venue South Congress, GVM Broker went for Fun.

  C-Boy's Heart & Soul Website Directions Save Call 4.5 127 Google reviews $ Night club Bi-level club hosting weekend performances on the main floor with a Japanese-American bar upstairs. Address :  2008 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704 Hours :  Opens soon  ⋅ 3PM Phone :  (512) 215-0023 While I got your attention. Are you thinking about BUYING, SELLING, INVESTING, LEASING or DEVELOPING Austin, Texas or Central Texas Real Estate?  Contact Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker George Vance McGee 512.657.9281 Austin Silent Market