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32 different things that effect your Mortgage Interest Rate on a Real Estate Purchase

  I’d bet that 75% of the time, the first question a client (or a real estate agent) asks me is “What’s your interest rate?” The question is not straightforward. A host of factors determine the rate we can offer. Check it out: We’d love to help you get more clients into homes. Let me know if we can help you or one of your clients!! Thanks! Joel   Joel Richardson ​ SVP ‑ Central Texas Mortgage  Manager, Austin VeraBank, N.A. P:  512-222-0140   EXT.  7740  |  877-566-2621  M:  512-203-8244 E:  |  W: A: 1111 W. 6th Street, Bldg B,  Suite 200 ,  Austin ,  Texas   78703 NMLS # 136881

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ABOR Report, “the Truth about Austin's Missing Housing"

  Photo by Damian Gadal ABOR report highlights striking disparities in housing affordability. click here for the ABOR Report on "the Truth about Austin's Missing Housing." WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2023 BY  CHAD SWIATECKI A new report from one of the city’s leading real estate groups is bringing fresh, detailed data that shows how unaffordable housing has become for most local residents. Austin Board of Realtors’ “The Truth About Austin’s Missing Housing” uses industry sales data to examine the overall state of housing affordability among different earning levels and racial groups, and also looks at the state of housing in all 10 City Council districts. It finds that while 50.2 percent of four-person households earn $93,000 or less each year – putting them at 80 percent of the local median family income or below – less than 5 percent of homes sold in the first half of 2023 were affordable to those households. That imbalance means there’s an overall 45.4 percent shortage of