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AREA'S Realtors quote their perspective on Austin's Homeless Problems...

  AREA fellow Realtors quotes and perspectives on the question, "Has Austin's Homelessness Problem affected you and clients financial situation yet? Has it hit your wallets and purses yet?  " I've lost at least 5 clients due to the rising crime and homelessness problem in Austin. These issues were specifically mentioned... They decided on other cities in Texas..." " This actually happens more than we know in the homeless camps as my husband used to work for APD. There is much mental illness in those camps. However, that use to be pushed back out of sight so it was not as obvious to the city inhabitants as to what was going on. The problem with the public camping is that now it has brought those problems closer to the people of Austin and created a much more dangerous situation for everyone." It has made some buyers rethink their decision on areas of Austin. No. No It’s costing all of us Yes . Challenging to renting units in a building due to homeless ca