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The LOTS & LAND Email from Austin Silent Market's Broker GVM 8.10.2021

  The LOTS / LAND for Sale Email. Silent Market Properties for Sale. Discovered by Broker Associate GVM @ 512.657.9281 Silent / Off Market Austin & Central Texas LOTS / LAND for Sale. Are you are a Buyer? Know of a Buyer? Click through and check these unique land properties out.  Lots For Sale, Silent status per owner's instructions. Click below. $250,000 1.285 Acres South-East Austin close in Land, Zoned Residential $259K Westlake Austin Lake Estate Sec 2, 14,365 sq. ft Rear Canyon Views $450,000 East Austin, Holly-esque location, no trees, 4950 sq. ft Sf-3 Zoning $1 million Alllandale 3/4th's Acre Lot, Backs up to Northwest Park $1,390,000 (P/B) Zilker, Barton Hills Cul De Sac Lot, Potential Greenbelt Views $1,765,000 SOCO 2 adjacent Large Sf-3  LOTS, Build 4 new Units Site $3.7 Million 2 Large Westlake City Close-In circa Rollingwood Adjacent Lots  GVM's Austin Silent Market LOTS Buyers' on the a matching seller? $2 Million Cash

From Austonia; Austinites can't stay away from the party spot on Lady Bird Town Lake

  SUMMER Breath of fresh air: Austinites can't stay away from the party on Lady Bird Lake Laura Figi   2h Paddle boarders and kayakers head to Lady Bird Lake every chance they get in the summer, like 22-year-old Zach Melton. (Laura Figi/Austonia) Are you really a local if you've never spent the weekend soaking up the hot summer sun and lounging on Lady Bird Lake? The pastime is so popular that if you find yourself cruising over one of the Lake's many bridges on a weekend, you're likely to see hundreds of people clumped together on the water in a formation locals call "Party Island." With temperatures in the mid-90s this week, the Colorado River's cooling waters welcome paddleboarders, boaters and kayakers alike. Though it is well known that swimming is  prohibited in Lady Bird Lake , nothing can stop partiers from perching on the shallow sandbar that leads into Barton Springs Pool—not even a global pandemic. (Steven Joyner) Like every sunny weekend, paddle