Central Machine Works, a Spacious Beer / Food Hall Acreage Destination, in East Austin


Ok Folks, I've found your next local Austin commercial business to patron, booze, lounge, socially distance, eat and enjoy! CENTRAL MACHINE WORKS. 

My girlfriend and I ubered there from our East Austin Condo this past Friday Night 7.10.2020. Central Machine Works is straight up hip! Lot's of Twenty- something urban young cool millennials. Overall, an attractive, fashionable, stylish crowd of easy going fun with plenty of outdoor air space and tables. My girlfriend gave it a 9 out 10 score. Why not the 10? She said, when we come back and there is some live music simultaneously going on (they have a stage on site) then Central Machine Works will undoubtedly become a 10. We ordered and ate a freshly cooked pepperoni large pizza with jalapenos. Yummy! I ordered the $8 bucks Michelada with a tall Boy Modelo beer and it was Delicious! The home brewed on site draft beers are 6 bucks. There is ample parking via the back entrance of East 5th street side. Very Bike-able, and yes Central Location. One of the best michelada beverages I've ever had! So quit reading this and go check out Central Machine Works and enjoy your damn life! 

Interestingly enough, I looked up the free public Travis County TCAD appraisal values for this massive lot(s) and commercial property AND...

improvements = $790,739land market value = $3,267,000

total assessed value 2020 = $4,057,739

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