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The Saxon Pub, Live Music Venue South Lamar Re-Opening May 28th, Get excited ATX South Lamar Blvd. No judgments here.  EVERYONE is welcome.  This is a home for music.  People that play it and people that like to listen. While I got you. Do you have  a question, inquiry, concern or general Austin, Texas Real Estate ?. Contact Licensed Real Estate Broker Associate George Vance McGee  @ 512.657.9281 iphone,

E Property Watch. It's free. Let me help you sign up. Be automatically updated on this hectic ATX Real Estate Marketplace.

  E-Property Watch. I'll help you sign up. It's free, really. Email me the address you'd like to be notified on. Just a 1x monthly by email real estate info service; It's about you ePropertyWatch delivers information about YOUR home and neighborhood straight to your inbox. Not some dry, dull report about your town - it's tailored just for you. Your home's value Markets are dynamic and home values are constantly changing. With ePropertyWatch, you'll keep your finger on the pulse of your home's ever changing value. After all, your home is probably your #1 asset, so we'll help you know where you stand! Forecast Not only will you see what your home is worth today, but you'll also see the industry's leading "home price index" forecast for what your home might be worth years from now. That's great for planning your real estate future. Your neighbors With ePropertyWatch, you'll know exactly what is happening a

ABoR Insider: Austin-Area Home Sales Jump 37% in April

  Got a question about Austin Texas Real Estate, Contact Austin Silent Market Broker Associate George Vance McGee @ 512.657.9281

Full Face allowed ATX establishments, commercial businesses....

As of May 17th, 2021.  Hello and well wishes. I personally have been fully vaccinated with both 2x Pfizer Covid shots. I have been fully vaccinated for over 2 weeks. I have my proof of vaccine card if, as needed in my wallet. I personally now feel 100% comfortable with engaging inside and outside & with the general public sans mask, aka mask-less. If you also feel ready to return to normal, breathe fresh air and are also fully vaccinated, here are some possible mask free, normal commercial businesses. These commercial freedom tips were learned and discovered via facebook post polling.  This is NOT a political post, even though  I personally resonate with Central / Left Democrat voting. This is merely a heads up to consumers using their freedom of buying, purchasing choice in regards to commercial businesses and establishments. If you'd like to support and patron open faced businesses, here are some leads. Rustic Tap West 6th Austin, Texas Jo's "I Love you So Much"

French Place 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1,147 sq. ft. Fixer Upper For Sale or Lease

  $2100 for Lease or $527,500 for Sale 3 Full Bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1,147 sq. ft single level HOME in the French Place neighborhood of Central East Austin. Prime location within French Place with proximity  to Manor Road, Hyde Park, Central Austin, University of Texas. LOT Size per TCAD of .1150 Acre or 5007 sq. ft of Lot Land. Sf-3 Zoning. Asking price per ownership of $527,500. June 1st avalaibilty  for Lease  with an asking monthly rental price of $2100.  For the exact physical address and brokerage services, Contact Austin Silent Market’s George Vance McGee Broker Associate 512.657.9281 iphone,