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Per Austin Chronicle's the LUV DOC, 10 things in Austin Texas you need to find LOVE....

  10. a Car 9. Money 8. House, Apt, Condo 7. a Love of Tacos 6. a Love of Live Music 5. a Chill Vibe 4. Boots 3. a Bicycle 2. a Dog  1. a Cool T-Shirt

ABOR Holiday Diversity Party @ Cord Shiflet's actual Westlake Lakefront Mansion Home....I went, it was pretty fun....


Historical Commission Panel City of Austin, Public Discussion, GVM attendee reporter notes @ 12.14.2022 Meeting

Things to know. These HISTORICAL Commission City of Austin Panel, Discussion meetings are usually held 1x per month. They are FREE to attend and open to the Public. They are held Downtown in the City of Austin's swanky modern municipal building. Parking is free down below in the garage with meeting attendance validation.  Things I learned @ this specific meeting.  I really miss the City of Austin's lead preservation Steve Sadowsky. (rest in peace) His enthusiasm, moderation, thoughtfulness, integrity and importance he brought to the preservation "pitch" is sorely missed.  2nd. The Famous PEASE MANSION of Old Enfield, was privately sold recently and the new ownership is unknown, even to Emily Little Architects who gained YES permission to do a new addition to the side of the home and build a pool on the side as well.  The neighborhood residences and homes covered included Austin "brand name" neighborhoods I know intimately; Old Enfield, Clarskville, Bouldin,

the Future of Zilker Park, an Open thinktank meeting with the Citizenry of Austin, Texas Dec. 2022