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The upgraded, vastly improved and enhanced PEASE PARK. Go check it out! Austin Parks & Rec

  Got a question, inquiry about Austin Texas Real Estate? Sales, Leasing, Lot Value, ADU's, Contact Austin Silent Market's Broker Associate George Vance McGee 512.657.9281

The Austin Silent Market's BUYERS's email. 8.19.2021

  Austin Silent Market's current BUYERS on the search email. ATX Real Estate Current Buyer Wants...Got a matching or contemplative property seller, eh?  $2,000,000 or less Cash Buyer .3 Acre plus sized LOT in Tarrytown, South of 35th street. 1 Million +/- Rental Income Producing Property.  Either Residential or Commercial. Buyer is preparing for a 1031 Exchange in the next 60-90 days 500K-950K. East Central ATX .15 Acre  or 7,500 sq. ft LOT. The buyer, will purchase, then build his own primary Home with a Garage and Pool. NOT a spec builder Contemporary modern or could modify to that style 1-2 Million Dollar Sale Price Range, Primary Resident Buying Mode Couple in Southwest, West of Northwest Central Austin, Texas area;  Prefer on or near the top of a hill, 1/2 acre Lot Sizer or more, Pool a Plus, 3 car garage a plus, 3,000-4,000 sq. ft in home size, 1 story ideal layout dependent, could also be a small ranch in and around Austin, located in Central Texas. 1-2 Million West Austin P

An afternoon alma-mater Univ of Texas Campus walk and Royal Memorial Stadium Football practice watch. The Sark era….

  Got a specific question or inquiry about Austin & Central Texas Real Estate? Contact Licensed Real Estate Broker in Texas, George Vance McGee Austin Silent Market 512.657.9281 This below photo is me, GVM on the right and Texas Longhorn Sophomore QB from Lake Travis Hudson Card on the Left in front of Guero's Restaurant South Congress, ATX