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Save Our Springs. Help Save Zilker Park and Barton Springs Pool

  Our Commonwealth Calls Us Thirty-three years ago today, on June 7th, 1990, the people of Austin launched a movement to save the life source of our city.   The nation's largest discharger of toxic waste into the waters of the United States sought approval to build a small city on the banks of Barton Creek. Over 1000 people showed up at City Hall, protesting outside and speaking to city council inside -- all night long.  The Barton Creek Uprising --  watch highlights here  -- changed the course of Austin's history.   But memories fade.  The Austin greed machine does not.  The same local insiders still seek to sell our public trust resources to corporate interests. This time it's Zilker Park -- teed up to be transformed into an outdoor entertainment district where the primary purpose is making money.  The global music monopoly Live Nation/Ticketmaster--now the principal owner of the ACL music festival and primary funder of the Austin Parks Foundation -- stands with other pri