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I, George Vance McGee attended the Old West Austin Neighborhood Association's June 7th, 2022 7-9 pm evening meeting @ Mathews Elementary School. The meeting was very well attended and the room was full of humans at the beginning of the meeting. As it progressed, various folks trickled out and away. 

My big newsworthy takeaways from the OWANA meeting were;

1. It appears the West 6th and Blanco commercial area where Sweetish Hill is, is heading for complete demolition. The "Big Pitch" from the Switzerland Architect, MML and Richard Suttle, Lawyer @Amherst Brown was to develop, "The ClarksVillage" a 60 room Hotel, 9 unit Residential Residence Condo's for Sale, with some Office Space and some Commercial Restaurants, etc at the bottom level.  

the OWANA membership for the majority soundly voted YES to the project's approval and continuation. 

2. The Colorfield Condo Project (where Old Graffiti Park) was will be just 10 units/condos for sale. The square footage size of each condo will be 3200 sq. ft. Huge! These will be EXPENSIVE, yet if successfully built will have spectacular views of Downtown Austin's Skyline, and the Texas Capitol, while being superbly located on Castle Hill, just close enough, yet away from Downtown ATX.

3.  The Westline Condo Project is 66% percent pre-sold. the Westline are brand new freestanding townhomes located just West and above a neighborhood park, and between West 9th and West 10th street. The Westline is NOT a gated community and will have a public walk-through section, from West 9th to West 10th, in Old West Austin.

4. OWANA leadership mentioned often that anyone in the Austin community is welcome to attend their meetings and the organization is NOT just for homeowners. Renters are equally welcomed too! They really vouched for an all is welcome message. OWANA is currently seeking volunteers on basically all levels. So if you feel the urge to volunteer, go for it! 

5. Lastly the OWANA membership and leadership felt strongly AGAINST the proposed UP-ZONING of the Corridors proposed by the City of Austin. When you hear Corridors think, major Austin urban thoroughfares, such as Enfield Road, West 6th street, Lamar, etc. 

6. It is possible on the rumor mill, NAU's Pharmacy and Anthony's Dry Cleaning, the long time commercial establishments on West Lynn and West 12th street are being put up for Sale. 

7. It appears the JULIAN GOLD, female single level fashion store has been sold and is in the process of being developed by SCHLOSSER Development. It could perhaps be a mid-rise glass commercial office tower. Do people even go to commercial business offices anymore? This was NOT a popular OWANA development concept. 

Do I still have your attention? Got any Austin or Central Texas Real Estate questions? wants? Inquires? Want to BUY, SELL or LEASE? I'm 512.657.9281 georgevance@gmail.com Austin Silent Market

OWANA Meeting Follow-Up Email / News

Hello neighbors, Thank you for coming to last night’s meeting! After the meeting, many people were asking how to email City Council members regarding the proposed amendment to VMU zoning at tomorrow’s (June 9) City Council Meeting. For more information on these issues, check out the most recent edition of the OWL we sent out a few weeks ago.

Here is contact information, and more information on the City Council agenda items, including how to sign up to speak, follows.

Mayor Steve Adler:
steve.adler@austintexas.gov | 512-978-2100

Natasha Harper-Madison (District 1):
natashamadison@austintexas.gov | 512-978-2101

Vanessa Fuentes (District 2):
vanessa.fuentes@austintexas.gov | 512-978-2102

Sabino “Pio” Renteria (District 3):
sabino.renteria@austintexas.gov | 512-978-2103

José “Chito” Vela (District 4):
jose.vela@austintexas.gov | 512-978-2104

Ann Kitchen (District 5):
ann.kitchen@austintexas.gov | 512-978-2105

Mackenzie Kelly (District 6):
mackenzie.kelly@austintexas.gov | 512-978-2106

Leslie Pool (District 7):
leslie.pool@austintexas.gov | 512-978-2107

Paige Ellis (District 8):
paige.ellis@austintexas.gov | 512-978-2108

Kathie Tovo (District 9):
kathie.tovo@austintexas.gov | 512-978-2109

Alison Alter (District 10):
alison.alter@austintexas.gov | 512-978-2110

You have until noon today to either sign up to speak or at least vote whether you are for or against changing zoning regarding VMU. We realize many of you will receive this after noon, but do not hesitate to send your comments anyways. Showing up to speak has the best impact, so note that deadline (sign up before noon on the day before the City Council hearing) for future reference. The agenda items to reference are:

Item 80

Conduct a public hearing and consider an ordinance amending City Code Chapter 25-2, Subchapter E, Section 4.3 relating to Vertical Mixed Use buildings. 80. Strategic Outcome(s): Economic Opportunity and Affordability.

Item 66

Approve a resolution initiating amendments to Title 25 Land Development Code to increase housing capacity and support transit investments by relaxing compatibility and parking regulations on corridors.

Speaker Signup: https://cityofaustin.formstack.com/forms/austin_city_council_speaker_signup