Save Dirty Martin's Place on the DRAG in Central Austin, easy e-petition to sign


Daniel Young started this petition

Dear Friends,

Our beloved burger joint Dirty Martin's Place, which opened in 1926 as Martin's KumBak, is under threat of shutting down due to Capital Metro's Project Connect. Project Connect would revamp Austin's transit with new train routes and bus lanes and Project Connect's forthcoming light rail. Labeled as the Orange Line, it has plans to run right through Dirty Martin's property at 2808 Guadalupe St, destroying a nearly 100 year old Austin landmark.  

We at Dirty Martin's Place would like to remain open and we need your support. Our hope is that Capitol Metro reroutes this section of the Orange Line to save an Austin institution. By signing this petition, we have the chance to influence change and keep Dirty Martin's Place alive for the next generation of Austinites to enjoy. 


Dirty Martin's Place