E Property Watch. It's free. Let me help you sign up. Be automatically updated on this hectic ATX Real Estate Marketplace.


E-Property Watch. I'll help you sign up. It's free, really.

Email me the address you'd like to be notified on. Just a 1x monthly by email real estate info service; georgevance@gmail.com

It's about you

ePropertyWatch delivers information about YOUR home and neighborhood straight to your inbox. Not some dry, dull report about your town - it's tailored just for you.

Your home's value

Markets are dynamic and home values are constantly changing. With ePropertyWatch, you'll keep your finger on the pulse of your home's ever changing value. After all, your home is probably your #1 asset, so we'll help you know where you stand!


Not only will you see what your home is worth today, but you'll also see the industry's leading "home price index" forecast for what your home might be worth years from now. That's great for planning your real estate future.

Your neighbors

With ePropertyWatch, you'll know exactly what is happening around you. From sales to rentals to foreclosures - you'll have your finger on the pulse of your neighborhood!

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From GVM Broker Associate Austin Silent Market

If you own real estate, I genuinely think E Property Watch is a free must-have email information service. Let me help you sign up. 

I personally have 3-4 properties set up on E Property Watch. It's free. They send a 1x monthly email customizable to the exact address of your owned property. E Property Watch sends recent SOLD on & off market properties, leasing info and other pertinent real estate info, tailored to your property. It ought to help you keep tabs on the ballpark value of your Real estate assets. It may even help with fighting to keep your property taxes fair and down. ---GVM
What is the Austin Silent Market Brokerage Company?
Austin Silent Market is a full service, in-person, local & licensed Austin, Texas based real estate brokerage company. We work with clients in the on or off-market buying, selling, leasing, developing, or investing mode. As native Austinites (except my Dad was raised in Houston, Texas) we know the economic history of Austin and Central Texas vividly, while making efforts to see where Austin and Central Texas is growing and going. 

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