Full Face allowed ATX establishments, commercial businesses....

As of May 17th, 2021.

 Hello and well wishes. I personally have been fully vaccinated with both 2x Pfizer Covid shots. I have been fully vaccinated for over 2 weeks. I have my proof of vaccine card if, as needed in my wallet. I personally now feel 100% comfortable with engaging inside and outside & with the general public sans mask, aka mask-less.

If you also feel ready to return to normal, breathe fresh air and are also fully vaccinated, here are some possible mask free, normal commercial businesses. These commercial freedom tips were learned and discovered via facebook post polling. 

This is NOT a political post, even though  I personally resonate with Central / Left Democrat voting. This is merely a heads up to consumers using their freedom of buying, purchasing choice in regards to commercial businesses and establishments. If you'd like to support and patron open faced businesses, here are some leads.

Rustic Tap West 6th Austin, Texas

Jo's "I Love you So Much" Coffee. South Congress Ave

The  Parlor Bar, West 6th street, Austin, Texas

The Dogwood, Domain North Austin

The  Common Interest North Burnet Road, Allandale, Wooten 

Moontower Saloon South Austin, Menchaca Road

Armadillo Den, South Austin Menchaca Road

Traders Joes



Black Swan Yoga

Sprout Grocery Store (possibly)

Twin Peaks Restaurant South Stassney Road.

Mozarts Coffee and Deserts Lake Austin

Cain and Abel's Lake Austin

Whole Foods 6th & Lamar.