E Property Watch, It's free for you. Let me help you sign up

 Dear Austin Silent Market clientele, homeowner, property owners and friends.

In my broker and I's opinion, there is an excellent free service provided by the Austin Board of Realtors called, "E PROPERTY WATCH." 

What is it? It is a software program that essentially monitors and tracks recent real estate activity in and around specific individual properties. For example, when you sign up, and enter your property address, E Property Watch will just 1x monthly send and email happenings, sales, and CMA-esque current values for your property. You can enter your personal home, your rental properties, etc. There appears to be no limit on the number of properties, "E PROPERTY WATCH" will watch and monitor for you.

So if you enjoy keeping tabs and monitoring the values of your real estate properties and empire, contact Austin Silent Market's George Vance McGee Broker Associate @ 512.657.9281 georgevance@gmail.com 

He'll guide and help you with the free E PROPERTY WATCH service and software.

Click here for the E PROPERTY WATCH website and videos.