an ATX New Year's Eve, Polvo's Restaurant Downtown, West 6th Bar & Auditorium Shores Fireworks, 2023!

 New Years Eve in the ATX, I gave the Polvos downtown bartender some Happy New Years glasses, and his waitresses complimented him on them, so he wore the glasses the whole time we were there. plus Auditorium Shores 2023 Fireworks. We also met the owner of Whisky Tango Foxtrot on West 6th, nice fellow. The surge priced Uber home cost $50 bucks, yikes, despite being just a short ride.

Below is the actual commercial owner of WHISKY TANGO FOXTROT, or "WTF" as the youths called it on West 6th street. He's a friendly fellow and chatted with our friends for a while, and got the bartender working to freely comp me an ice cold LONE STAR Beer. As Midnight approached, this place was popular. It even had quality TV'S playing the Final 4 in College Football Playoffs