Shady Hallow Home in Southwest Austin; successful Austin Silent Market closing as buyer's agency.

 In the words of the band Semisonic it’s, “closing time.” @independence title Rollingwood. New owners and family folks Jack & Dominique. Introduced to me by Justin Conrad. It took over a contemplative, wise year +/-, but we navigated the waters.



Allison Vincent

Escrow Assistant & Team Funder to Toni Halseth

TDI Lic number #2329885 (Company)

TDI Lic number #1886320 (Toni Halseth)

2500 Bee Cave Rd, Bldg 2 Suite 100, Austin, TX 78746

Main 512.329.5299

E-Fax 512.279.1861

Team E-Mail: