2 Rainey Bar Deaths and 1 upcoming Rainey Bar birth to Report in Downtown Austin, Texas


On my evening bicycle ride, I took these photos and now it's official, the previous Rainey Bars of Javelina & Craft Pride are officially dead. Bulldozed, cleared, donzo, gone, se muere.

 The previous fun, intimate, bungalow style neighborhood bars were once happening, fun and friendly places to imbibe and go for nightlife. The cause of death is most likely the continuing "rich-ification" of Austin Texas. They'll probably build some lame expensive glass hi-rise rental or condo building there. Or even lamer some glass mixed use building or ugly tower.

Memory Google Photos of the neighboring adjacent Javelina Bar & Craft Pride Bar 

On the birth spectrum, the "Stay Put" is currently making building progress and appears to be near an opening in perhaps fall of 2022, is my visual guess? Click here for an Austonia Article on the upcoming "Stay Put"

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