The San Diego California Trip, even this ATX Real Estate Broker needs a vacation every so often....

6.14-6.19 2022. 

Sheila Fish and I spurned by the oppressive daily 100 plus degree Austin Texas HEAT, decided to book a last minute, impromptu vacation to Pacific Beach, oceanfront airbnb condo for about a week. We flew there and back direct via Southwest Airlines. The highlights of the trip were the San Diego weather, ocean front chill vibes, recreation, lounging, food and sounds. The daily Low was 60 degrees and the High, yes the High was about 70 degrees. Even in Mid-June, at night one could wear a light jacket if desired. Below are photos I took from the various geographic areas and SD neighborhoods we visited, walked though, ubered or took bicycles through. San Diego and Pacific Beach did have obvious homeless problems. Coronado was the cleanest and most picture perfect area. --GVM 

 Pacific Beach, San Diego Photos

La Jolla / Birdrock neighborhood San Diego Photos

North Park, San Diego area Photos

Coranado the Island, San Diego Photos (It's technically it's own city) 

Gaslamp, Little Italy Downtown San Diego

The World Famous San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park