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Beloved Steve Sadowsky, long-time city of Austin Historic lead preservation officer passes away

 Per Facebook post announcement of  Robert Sadowsky, 1.12.2022

"My older brother Steve passed away this morning. He was a kind, intelligent, hard working man that would do anything for his family and friends. I will miss his sense of humor and laughter. Forever in my heart, brother . . ."

On a personal note, I George Vance McGee fondly remember Steve Sadowsky for his honesty, accessibility, humor and real-ness as the Head of the City of Austin, Texas Historic Preservation office. Steve was always willing to shoot you straight in regards to his sentiments and the city of Austin's positions. Steve could not control and was often in difference of opinion to the various neighborhood committees. It was a joy to watch Steve work and present @ Downtown ATX City Hall in front of the Historic Council.  Steve would often explain the different property histories and real estate lore of Central Austin, Texas, in addition to the people behind the history. God Bless Steve! I recently in late 2021 called him on his cell 2x to ask about an AD Stenger Home in Barton Hills and Steve had mentioned his "health wasn't so good" the past couple of phone conversations. 

Steve Sadowsky also liked to have fun out-n-about in Austin, Texas with a disarming non work, genuine human smile.  Steve could be spotted yearly at Eeyore's Birthday @ Pease Park. Steve was also a known attending fan of Skylark Lounge in East Austin.

As of today, 1.12.2022 as a local Austinite, I will make it my mission to ensure the City of Austin finds and discovers a manner to properly honor this charming, wisdom carrying, welcoming, tall-man with a velvety voice, that would've been perfect for radio. I personally think a Central Austin street, should permanently be named, "Sadowsky Way" or "Steve Sadowsky Blvd," or "Sadowsky Cove", "Sadowsky Place." Something.....Let's make it happen!

---Sincerely, Austin local, and TX Real Estate Broker and fan of Steve's earnestness and love of history, George Vance McGee 

Below are some recent photos in early 2020, of Steve happily attending, the book release of my 3rd and most recent Modern History Book, " The Nation We Live In; a collection of essays and short stories." @ BookPeople Store, West 6th and Lamar Blvd.

Austin Silent
Broker Associate

There's more, Here's a YOU-TUBE on Steve's 2021 Preservation Merit Lifetime Achievement Award. click below

"Good  guy Steve. He turned his job into a dignified position. He documented the stories and contributions of past Austinites with the same care, appreciation, and respect whatever their lot in life. All while under fire from all sides and during a manic re-development Boom in Austin, Texas.

I liked him a lot and especially enjoyed catching him at the Austin History Center downtown, where I could corner him for a moment back by the directories. He had some patience for that which was lost on me. I personally would have probably hated people after only a few years, at his high economic profile job and position.

I think even though he had a requisite skepticism about me being a builder sitting  on HLC hearing demolition cases, I registered a warmth about him regardless. I like the City of Austin Historic preservation board meetings that would often run beyond 12 midnight. I enjoyed Steve's presentations and the following committee, general public discussions. I got a lot out of it. I do love Austin's History.

I didn't know Steve outside of the work at the city of Austin, but I do recall hearing he was a fixture a Eeyore's Birthday in Pease Park, and about various sightings at music in the ATX. This only added to his mystique for me. " D.W.

"Loved Steve, an Austin Texas Treasure, he will be sorely missed."
Dave Van Hueven

"He was a great man, Rest easy my friend,"
 Jeff Mills

"Omg, that is so sad! We know him so well

yes it is sad news. I wrote all of the City of Austin Council Members today, asking for a COA street or memorial, or statue or park to be named after the honorable, hard working and smiling Steve Sadowsky.

he did so much for Austin" Michelle Lohr

Austin Monitor Article, " A Win for Austin Preservations, at historic San Jacinto Warehouse. Downtown ATX. Click here for the article



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