Lamberts’ Dinner & a Show : Willy McGee’s Outfit, October 1st, Downtown, West 2nd Street.

 Hey Friends, Family & Fans!

We’re doing it classy Saturday October 1st!
As in, we’re doing it the old fashioned way, with acoustic upright piano, upright bass, brushes & a sax player in a setting with low neon lights and a stylish bar. 

My plan is for this to be a more intimate show playing tunes you don’t see as often like with the usual wild rock’n band. Closer to the show styles of Ray Charles and early New Orleans clubs.. just maybe we’ll let real loose in the second set.  

I’d love for you to grab your tickets early, because I plan to make a bigger promotional post later and want you to get the first looks! Priority boarding!!
I can’t wait to invite you to hang back, hang low and hang loose for this one! As I said already, I can’t wait to see you and I’m looking forward to this one!!

And please forward to any friends & family that’d love to attend this chummy & lavish evening!!!

Willy McGee
Leader of the Willy McGee Band!!