Austin Board of Realtors ELECTION, coming up September 19-21! Here are video interviews of the candidates running


Your vote matters! Do your homework...

2023 ABoR and ACTRIS Boards of Directors Election

Our election for ABOR and ACTRIS Board of Directors is only 4 days away! I personally have another year on my current 2021-2023 term. This year there are 9 candidates nominated for five, three-year term positions (2023-2025) to be filled. Here are your candidates. 

This year’s member-wide election will take place September 19-21 online via ElectionBuddy. Results will be announced no later than September 22. 

Priorities Matter!

Below were, and still are, some of my priorities from my 2020 election. I believe these are nonpartisan and REALTOR® focused priorities that put our members and Central Texas homeowners front and center.

Our Board of Directors adheres to our strategic plan and goals. This will be updated for another 5 years next year!

With the purchase of Remine and the creation of a technology focused entity we are on the path of increasing control of our destiny!

I encourage each of you to view the interviews of each of the 9 candidates and make your own determination of the individuals you believe will best represent our members. Links to those interviews are below.

Now, Go Vote!


Current and Previous Directors running:
Karlyn Ellis
Anne Wheeler
John Crowe
Kendred Manceaux
Job Hammond

New Candidates:
Jill Leberknight
Dave Kapur
Jonna LaGrone-Haynes
Julia Lashay-Israel