the Isla Mujeres, Cancun MEXICO Friends & Family Vacation

April 6th-April 13th, 2022, My wife and I flew from Austin Texas direct via Jet Blue to Cancun Mexico for a 1-week vacation. The first 3 days night were at an all-inclusive beach side resort, outside of Cancun. It was wonderful and we hung with friends, went snorkeling in crystal clear ocean water through living corral, and even swam in 3 Cenotes. I, GVM cliff jumped into a Cenote. (click here for an article, What exactly is a CENOTE?) I also Zip-Lined 4 times atop the trees and nature. I also participated in karaoke and sang "Staying Alive" by the Bee Gees in its entirety, and received 8.5-9.5 marks from the listening crowd. Adventures, eh? 

The second 4 night vacation portion was spent on Isla Mujeres, a small yet livable island, off the coast of Cancun Mexico. You take a 20-25 minute boat ferry to get there. Isla Mujeres is walkable with pool-like oceans, friendly visitors, international tourists, and native Mexicans as well. There is  1 main tourist commercial strip for food, music, nightlife and fun. In Isla Mujeres, my entire family, Dad, gf, Willy, gf, and sister Emily plus friend were in full attendance. 

Overall I give this Mexico TRIP  an A-plus!