Guest Spaces, check out this full service "Vacation Rental" property management company. They are local to Central Texas.


Hi George-Vance,

It’s Kayla Reed with GuestSpaces Vacation Rentals. 
We are a luxury vacation rental management company based in Austin and surrounding lakefront/hill country areas. As travel is picking up, we're looking to expand our STR portfolio with an Agent referral program that offers $250 per bedroom to you when one of your clients (past or present) joins our management program.

We prioritize 3BR+ homes and lake houses with attractive amenities such as pools or hot tubs, though we're happy to look over anything that you feel might be a good fit. Would you have any clients in mind that might be interested in more information (be it this property or another)? If now isn't a good time, I'd love to keep in touch however you prefer. Please reply with one of the following options and I will update your preferences shortly:

1. Please send more information! I have clients in mind or would like to explore offering STR information in the near future.
2. Not interested. I represent only 1-2BR units that will not be a good fit OR properties in a community that bans STRs. I have no interest in STR properties/clients.
3. Next time. Please contact me again when my next property is pending/closed. I'm not interested for this property/client, but I would like to be contacted regularly.
4. Please unsubscribe + check in. Please check in again in (3) months. I'm not interested at this time but would like to consider it at a later date.

Here is our Homeowner Brochure – feel free to pass this along to any of your clients and, if they’re interested in discussing further, I’ll be happy to set up a phone call or screen-share with you both so you stay up to date on their status.

We're looking to develop long-term partnerships with local agents and would love to have you onboard if you're interested! We're also happy to provide a few agent references if you'd like more information on working with our team.

Kayla Reed
Business Development and Marketing
(512) 956-9267