The House that started the Downtown Rainey ATX neighborhood Real Estate Boom.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the above photos I personally took are of the transplanted original (OG) LUSTRE PEARL Bungalow Home/ Bar from the early era of the Rainey District. 

This was the 1st real bar and gathering place for the Rainey District's nightlife scene. In the early days, before the RAINEY District exploded with growth and visiting people, the young neighborhood was known as a relaxed, spacious house party and a place for conversation, fun, and new friends.

Nowadays there are currently 4 Lustre Pearl Bars in the USA, with a 5th planned. 1 new commercial space in the Rainey Neighborhood, 1 in East Austin. 1 in Super South Austin on Mencheca Road, 1 in the Rhino district of Denver, Colorado and 1 coming soon to Portland, Oregon.

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