Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association (DANA) Call to Action: Oppose HB 3813


DANA Call to Action: Oppose HB 3813
The Texas Legislature is considering a bill that will remove the City of Austin's ability to regulate amplified sound below 85 decibels between 10am and 2am.

 House Bill 3813 is currently in the House Committee on Culture, Recreation & Tourism with a possible vote next week.

Here is a flyer with information to assist you with who to call and talking points for your calls. 
Tip: Send the email today, but save your phone calls for Monday and Tuesday.

If you had trouble sending the email, copy and paste the text below and send to the following members:

Subject: Vote NO on H.B. 3813


I am writing today to urge you to vote against H.B. 3813, that will strip the City of Austin's ability to regulate amplified sound in residential neighborhoods. This bill will be detrimental to my quality of life and my right to enjoy my home.

The City of Austin has worked closely with our community residents, bars, live music venues and other stakeholders to find a balance on amplified noise that works for all parties involved. Any change in sound ordinances that affect my home should include the input of all local stakeholders, not just a handful of bars with state connections and lobbyists.

No other community has their local sound ordinance regulated by the state. Why should my right to protect the sanctity of my home be limited to every two years? And, that’s assuming I can hire a lobbyist to protect my rights against the lobbyists hired by businesses!

The bill says that Austin cannot regulate amplified sound under 85 decibels between 10:00 and 2:00 am every night of the week. Would you want the equivalent of a loud garbage disposal outside your window all night, every night? I don't think so. My community and I urge you to vote NO on H.B. 3813.
Thank you