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What I learned living in East Austin, Texas.

As of this writing in 2021 I currently live in East Austin circa the French Place, Cherrywood, Blackland and Chestnut neighborhoods. I've learned through first hand daily experience that East Austin is much safer in actuality than the dangerous crime infested stigmas that were entrenched upon me as a child growing up in Austin during the 1980's, and 1990's. Yes there are a bunch of dog owners with pit bulls and mixed breeds, which is not welcoming, conversational or enjoyable for daily walks. Yet, overall the semblance of safety and normalcy in East Austin is much higher than I had perceived pre-move.

Next thing to know; Central East Austin is pretty cool! The Manor Road area near me has ample fun eateries, coffee shops and  bars. Thunderbird Coffee has been my #1 go to all year. Hoover's Home-Style Cooking is affordable and satisfying. Salty Sow is "Michelle Obama" popular and consistent. The Haymaker is a perfect every person tavern with quality draft beers and food. 

Central East Austin has a much younger in age demographic than Old West Austin. I had previously lived in Clarksville. The younger, hipper resident demographic gives Central East Austin a vibrant and lively energy. Whether it is daytime or night-time, Central East Austin feels more alive than West Austin. 

If you are attached and love bicycling around Central Austin, then East Central is for you! From my rental on Manor Road, I can easily bike from Mueller to Rosewood, to East 6th to Holly, to the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail to Rainey, through downtown, to South Congress and beyond. As just stated, there are ample bike-able and authentic neighborhoods to pedal cruise amongst as a Central East Austin resident. 

The  East Austin Food scene is a nice change of pace. My favorite jaunts, eateries and foodie type commercial businesses have  been, Cisco's Mexican on East 6th, Mi Madres on Manor Road, Cenote on East 1st, Thunderbird Coffee on Manor Road, Cherrywood Coffee House on East 38 1/2 street and the Quickie Pickie Mart in Rosewood. I'm not a fancy eater and view food simply as substance for energy, rather than an experience. 

The Yuppie-fication of East Austin is very real and perpetual. In between dilapidated old East Austin shacks, there are some moderate sized well kept modest homes, while there is also a healthy splattering of brand new Yuppie Construction. This broad range of original East Austinites and  new fresh residents is a far ranging dynamic. 

East Austin feels rather larger in geographic area. Expanding east, East Austin continues east in and around Springdale Lane, and North to the Berkman Windsor Hills area of North  Mueller. East MLK and East Manor Road both run very long as major east-west roads, as does East 6th street. From the Holly East 1st area, to East of Airport, to North on Manor Road & E. 51st, East Austin possess a sizable geographic area. 

What have I learned about living in East Central Austin? Overall it is a welcoming, enjoyable and Central area. Would I live here again? Yes. Should you live in East Austin? I think you should consider it.

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